LGBTQ Families can Create the Legal Protection of Marriage, and Even More! with Proper Planning

You and your partner are committed—married in your heart of hearts.
Unfortunately, for legal purposes, you’re still just roommates.

Now You Can Have the Legal Protection of Marriage
and Even More with Proper Planning --
+ Receive $750.00 of Legal Services,

Dear Friend,

Until we have equality for everyone, you can’t take it for granted that your love for each other will carry the day. And if you have minor children and own your own home, then this will be the most important information you will read all year. Here’s why…

You are about to discover the horrifying truth about your legal life that could devastate your family...and the simple steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t.

(Even if you have already had some planning in place, this information is VITAL to the well being of your children, your money and your peace of mind.)

Hi, my name is Becky Easton. I’m a friend, ally, and fellow community member, and East Mesa and Chandler’s Personal Family Lawyer®. 

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that a Will alone doesn’t cut it if you’re a gay or lesbian parent—you are certainly no stranger to the laws that affect your status as your beloved’s one and only. But did you know that you can achieve just about all the same protections that the law provides opposite sex couples with good legal planning – and even more?  

Finding out how truly unprotected gay and lesbian couples and their children are if something happened to one or both of them often leaves people having to pick their jaw up off the floor!

Committing Means Planning

When you and your partner decide to commit to one another, whether you do so with a ceremony or privately, you’re not able to rely on the eons of law that has grown up around marriage. Opposite gender couples take for granted the priorities and benefits that marriage affords them, but you simply cannot afford to take anything for granted – not if you want your loved ones to have access to your assets and your children to be cared for the way you choose.

When you commit, you’ll need to decide about how you want your legal life to look in light of your relationship because the sad truth is that your partner is a legal stranger to you.

If you want your partner to make medical decisions for you, inherit some or all of your assets, decide how to utilize your resources if you’re incapacitated, have the ability to visit you in the hospital, and to decide how to honor you at your death, you must document your wishes because, if you do not, your family of origin stands in priority to your beloved and will have the say in all these aspects of your life.

Your Kids Could Be Taken Into the Care of Strangers!

Many parents, gay and straight, don’t know what happens to kids if something happens to their parents. Few parents know that their children could be taken into short term protective custody or spend time in foster care if they don’t take affirmative action to ensure that doesn’t happen

Your non-adoptive partner, neighbors, friends and sitter don’t have legal authority to care for your children, unless you’ve granted them that authority in writing AND the documents in which you did it are readily available.

Once You’re Committed, You Can Avoid This Nightmare Situation …

To make sure your beloved has the ability to take care of your financial, medical, and family affairs if something happens to you (and can inherit from you), you MUST set up a comprehensive estate plan, not just a Will, that takes your relationship from roommates to Beloveds. And if you have children, you must also set up a Kids’ Protection Plan® to make sure your children are not taken into the care of strangers, even for a minute, and that your resources are deployed for their benefit seamlessly, privately, and with protections that only a well-considered estate plan can offer.

Legal Planning: Fast, Fun and Friendly?

In the past, you were probably too scared to think about this stuff, too busy to take care of it, or weren’t sure how it could affect you. 

Or, perhaps you thought you had it all taken care of already.  Now you know this might not be true. I know you’re busy. You need the straight scoop on this stuff and it needs to be easy to understand and implement.

So to help you overcome the inertia of inaction, we’re making it super simple & easy.

You need to do only one thing — Make an Appointment with Easton Law, Estate and Business Planning for a Life and Legacy Planning Session.

When you (and your partner) meet with me for your Life and Legacy Planning Session, you will:

  • Choose the Right Guardians for Your Kids and Avoid the 6 Common Mistakes Parents and Lawyers Make All the Time!
  • Get Your Financial House in Order and Keep it that Way!
  • Learn How to Prepare Your Kids for Life Without You!
  • Discover How to Place Your Beloved Ahead of Your Family of Origin as Your Decision-Maker!
  • Discover How to Leave Your Loved Ones a Gift Far Greater Than Your Money!      

Plus, if you are one of the first 5 LGBTQ families to make an appointment this month, I will waive our regular Life and Legacy Planning Session fee (that’s a $750 savings!).

To make your appointment, with me, your neighborhood Personal Family Lawyer® call 480-999-4455 and say you want the LGBTQ Special.

To Your Family’s Wealth, Health and Happiness,

Becky Easton
Personal Family Lawyer®


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