Start to Protect Your Family with these Free Resources


It’s your family who will have to handle things after you are gone. The people you love most will either benefit from the gift of well-handled affairs or feel the burden of your failure to act. I have a few free resources for you, if you choose to give your family the gift of doing what you may have been avoiding up until now.


First, I want you to have the bestselling book on legal planning for parents, Wear Clean Underwear.  It’s a fast read, choose your own adventure style book, that will guide you to make the right decisions for the people you love, if you have children you care about.


Next, I want to ensure that you (or anyone in your family who has minor children at home), have named legal guardians for your kids. It’s the single most important thing you can do, no matter how much money you have (or don’t have) in the bank.


You can do it here for free. Or tell a friend or family member.

I also want to encourage you to set aside some time to get additional education on estate planning by watching or listening to our free training on YouTube:  


Once you do that, you can complete your Personal Resource Map to help ensure that your loved ones can find your assets and that nothing is lost to the State Departments of Unclaimed Property.     


Finally, I want to remind you that the very best thing you can do for your family is to meet with us for a Life and Legacy Planning Session. During our time together, we will look at what would happen if something were to happen to you, how your family would handle things and design a plan to make it easier for the people you love.


If you cannot use any of these gifts yourself, please give this message to someone you care about and make sure they use your name when they call.


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